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an open notebook with a drawing of a woman wearing sunglasses
a painting of a cup of coffee on a saucer
Çok güzel
watercolors and markers are sitting on a table with art supplies
a lavender flower tattoo on the wrist and two small jars with creams next to it
ma lil drawing а пока я болею и это очень неприятно :с
some paint and scissors on a white table with blue things in it that look like feathers
Feathered Collages — decor8
Hello everyone! Please forgive me for disappearing from the blog but I’ve been tremendously busy between work and family, and wow,…
a tree with pink leaves in the shape of a heart is shown on a white background
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Tree Watercolor Drops
a card with watercolor flowers on it and the words happy written in black ink
#441 -Watercoloring with Flowers – Two Techniques
You Make Me Happy watercolor poppies card by Ashwini
a card with an elephant on it and the words hello friend
CAS(E) this Sketch #120
Avery Elle "Ellie" stamps.
a watercolor card with the words you're awesome in gold lettering on it
How to make watercolor backgrounds