Suze Weinberg encaustic lovliness

Suze Weinberg encaustic lovliness - not sure this is what she did but you could take a canvas and use the back side to get the depth in the center.

Videolu, Kağıt İpten Amerikan Servis Yapımı 1

Videolu, Kağıt İpten Amerikan Servis Yapımı

Just needs to be painted green..

I make these doors from used horse shoes, hand forged hardware, and repurposed items. 5 inches tall and 4 inches wide. All your wee folk will - DIY Fairy Gardens

A little chest of drawers made from chipboard and pretty paper...sweet!

DIY Chest of Cardboard DIY Chest of Cardboard- this site is so addictive. Tutorials for a whole bunch of stuff. This would be good to make to organize my future craft room, could even make it in the craft room :)


At first I thought it looked like half a pineapple! But the idea is really cool; recycle wine bottles to make a passive solar warmed planter. One problem.where to get that many wine bottles!

Animals and people mixed. This gives the bird a sophisticated look with the tea cup and long jacket. The bird looks bright against the faded background and its beak looks like the main stand-out colour among the cooler colours.