Makbule Bbayrak

Makbule Bbayrak

Makbule Bbayrak
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Bunny Rabbit Rocks

What a creative idea. Do you believe you can turn a stone to a rabbit? Yes, check out the picture tutorial below. My daughter borrowed the same idea. She picked a stone and drew a panda for her dad as a father’s day gift.

Bizhan receives an invitation through Manizheh's nurs. Folio from the Shahnameh or Book of Kings of Shah Tahmasp, 1525–30. Persian miniature

‘Abd al-Vahhab Bizhan receives an invitation through Manizheh’s nurse, folio from the Shahnameh (Book of Kings) of Shah Tahmasp.

Cactus orchid Epiphyllum ~

Epiphyllum "Argus" (Orchid Cactus) Not truly an orchid, but I LOVE ephiphyllums (epiphilla?), so I'm pinning the photo to my "Orchids" board!


My mother has some of these but they are broken in many ways (so fragile).