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two pieces of fabric with pink lines on them and the words super kolay 10 daki
Oklava İşi Patik Yapımı - Canım Anne
a blue and white striped knitted mitt next to a tag on a wooden table
💙Hayirli Akşamlar💙 Yine En Kolay En Pr Patikmodelleri - Crochet Slippers - hadido
a pair of purple and white knitted shoes
Haraşo örgü patik modeli yapılışı - Canım Anne
a pair of pink crocheted shoes sitting on top of a white table
İki şişle çok kolay patik yapılışı \\ çeyizlik patik modelleri
a hand holding a knitted black and white purse with red hearts on the front
a pair of green and white knitted slippers sitting on top of a table
crocheted slippers with flowers and pearls on the bottom are ready to be worn