Vitamin D

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What nails tell us: White spots on nails can be due to zinc deficiency. Fine lines under the nails, near the tip, are caused by vitamin C deficiency. A shortage of vitamin D can lead to soft, peeling or brittle nails. **Eat your fruits & veggies! Health And Beauty Tips, Health And Wellness, Health Tips, Health Remedies, Home Remedies, Natural Remedies, White Spots On Nails, Beauty Care, Beauty

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The problem of white spotted nails is not an uncommon one. It is something which has several causes and with good nail care tips and tricks it can be well treated. Nutritional deficiencies in body, infections and different skin related problems are major factors for white spotted nails. Therefore, here are a few nail care tips which…

10 Facts About Vitamin D and Rheumatoid Arthritis - Vitamin D deficiency can be a problem for people with chronic illness, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Getting enough is important for your health and maybe even your mood! Rheumatische Arthritis, New Energy, Genome Sequencing, 8 Facts, Vitamin D Deficiency, Dna Test, Autoimmune Disease, Lyme Disease, Heart Disease

The Facts About Vitamin D and Rheumatoid Arthritis

There’s definitely a connection between vitamin D levels and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Find out what the research says, and what it means for you.

 Oft times it is hard to distinguish between dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia, yet there can. Alzheimers, Vitamin D Deficiency, Mineral Deficiency, Diabetes Information, Alzheimer's And Dementia, Brain Health, Alzheimer's Brain, Brain Science, Mental Health

Vitamin D is Essential for Strong Immune System: Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms That Most People Ignore

Vitamin D deficiency is more common than you may think. Find here common causes for lack of vitamin D and which diseases and conditions it can cause. Vitamin D Deficiency is Linked to Gum Disease, Diabetes, Dementia, Depression and Even Cancer According to New Studies

Vitamin D deficiency can effect your mental health. Study shows that women given vitamin D supplement showed improvement in their reported depressive symptoms. Health And Nutrition, Health And Wellness, Mental Health, Health Care, Health And Beauty Tips, Health Advice, Treatment For Bipolar, Mental Illness Help, Vitamin D Deficiency

Too Much Vitamin D Could Be Bad For Your Health (STUDY)

Scientists know that vitamin D deficiency is unhealthy. However, a study now suggests that too much vitamin D isn’t healthy either.

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Weight Loss Help with Vitamin D Can optimal levels of vitamin D help with weight loss or maintaining healthy weight? Dr. James Dowd explains vitamin D's role when...

Age-associated decline in muscle function represents a significant public health burden. Vitamin D-deficiency is also prevalent in aging subjects, and has been linked to loss of muscle mass and strength. New research published in the journal PLOS. Vitamin D Deficiency, Muscle Function, Eye Sight Improvement, Feeling Weak, Cancer Fighting Foods, Types Of Cancers, Natural Vitamins, Lower Blood Pressure, Health Facts

Compelling Evidence That Low Levels of Vitamin D Have a Causal Role In Development of High Blood Pressure

Lupus Nephritis is one common glomerulonephritis that can cause damage to many other organs and systems. As kidney filtration and secretion function declines, blood pressure may increase abnormally. To prevent more severe complications, Lup Child Behavior Problems, Kids Behavior, Reducing High Blood Pressure, Lower Blood Pressure, Lupus Nephritis, Gluten Intolerance, Pressure Canning, Living A Healthy Life, Vitamin D

Low Vitamin D Linked to High Blood Pressure

Large-scale international study suggests that low vitamin D may be causally involved in hypertension.

The nutrition addition of vitamin in patients using aromatose inhibitors may prevent joint pain which is a common side effect of aromatose inhibitors, inhibitors. Estrogen hormonal supplements of IU per week may increase the efficacy of vitamin Heal Broken Bones, Hormone Supplements, Bed Sores, Nutrition Information, Menopause, Chronic Pain, Ultra Violet, Health And Wellness, Minerals

Vitamin D3 With Aromatose Inhibitors | Nutrition | Information

The nutrition addition of vitamin d3 in patients using aromatose inhibitors may prevent joint pain which is a common side effect of aromatose inhibitors, A1 inhibitors. Estrogen hormonal supplements of 30,000 IU per week may increase the efficacy of vitamin d3.

The evidence is still mushy on whether vitamin D can ward off heart disease, stroke, or cancer. But it's still important for daily good health. Flu Remedies, Natural Remedies, Health Remedies, Solar Energy, Solar Power, Renewable Energy, Low In Vitamin D, Biceps, Vitamin D Mangel

5000 IU of Vitamin D3 Boosts The Body's Ability To Respond To Cardiovascular Stress and Cancer

Low dietary intake of seafood linked to cognitive decline - ENT Wellbeing Sydney Diet And Nutrition, Health Diet, Health And Wellness, Brain Health, Vitamin D Deficiency, Diabetes Management, Healthy Fats, Healthy Brain, Spicy Recipes

Link found between dementia and vitamin D deficiency

Researchers have found that not getting the recommended amounts of vitamin D could double the risk of older people developing forms of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Higher dietary vitamin D intake in adulthood may relate to improved short term memory later in life and Just One Drop of Ddrops can help! Short Term Memory, Immune System Boosters, One Drop, Vitamin D, High Energy, Memories, Health, Life, Conference

Vitamin D Articles, News, & Research | Vitamin D Council

A new study found that dietary vitamin D intake was significantly and positively related to short term memory, but not declarative memory.

When it comes to obtaining sufficient amounts of certain micronutrients, you're hyper vigilant. You're eating spinach, throwing back magnesium glycinate, and adding Trace Mineral drops to your water. You're making dulse. Benefits Of Vitamin E, Health Benefits, Magnesium Glycinate, Vitamin D Deficiency, Liver Cancer, Anti Aging Supplements, Heart Disease, Health And Wellbeing

Low vitamin D levels increase risk of Parkinson's disease

Current scientific research reveals that low vitamin D levels can dramatically increase your risk of Parkinson's disease. Find out how to avoid problems.