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two pink and white sheep magnets sitting on top of a table
Sweet Pink Baby Teddy Bear
punches: med circle, sm circle, scalloped circle, tiny heart & tiny flower - Glückschschwein :-)
a black and white sheep with pearls on it's head is standing in front of a white background
an image of a message written in arabic
a close up of a cat ornament on a white surface with pink ribbon
Marca Página 3D
a man is holding up a piece of paper with hearts on it and the words supreenda quem voce ama
a person holding a pink object in their hand with the text diy magic photo box
an image of someones hand with a red heart on it
an origami clock sitting on top of a white table next to blue and white flowers
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182K views · 9.5K reactions | Salve esse vídeo, pincel e cola na mão e bora! ✨ Aprenda como fazer um bloco de notas encapado com tecido, fica lindo 🥰 Lista de materiais: 1 bloco de papel 109,1 x 156 mm 100 folhas 11,5 x 16 cm (2 vezes) de papel paraná 1 x 11,5 cm de papel panamá 15 x 37 cm de tecido digital Mari 10,5 x 33 cm de papel kraft Cola branca e pincel 🖌️ #CarolVilalta #Costura #CosturaCriativa #CosturaComAmor #Artesanato #ArtesanatoCriativo #Artesão #ArtesanatoComAmor #Costureiras #IdeiasDeCostura | Carol Vilalta | Costura Criativa | Bibio · lovers’ carvings
an image of some type of origami on the cover of a brochure