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a man walking through a store aisle with the words god knew't be too powerful if
Iod knew I'd be'too powerful if I had conversation skills - iFunny
a man sitting on top of a white couch next to a wall with the words sick of seeing people of my age having fun
Im Losing My Mind, Really Funny Pictures, Im Going Crazy
a man in a black jacket holding a water bottle
Christian bale
a man standing in front of a mirror with the caption he is me
I'm Happy, Suffer
Based Gus Fring
a man sitting in a chair with the caption taking pictures of notes knows that i'll never look at them again
literally me in chemistry 💀
Humor, American Pyscho
#americanpsycho #whisper
Horror, I Love Him, Love Of My Life, Husband, In Love
american psycho
a man in a suit and tie holding his hands out with the words how i feel after calling grown as men my baby girls
a man standing in front of a mirror with his arms crossed and the words he's so baby girl on it
i love james wilson