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Have you ever tried zalabia ? I guess every culture has its own fritter.  Zalabia is a traditional deep fried Lebanese fritter that is made of fermented dough - I call them a glorious affair. Simply because you can have them for breakfast with labneh and a cup of tea or dust them with some icing sugar and serve them as a dessert.  Any way you eat them, they are really great, though they may not be good for your waistline but will disappear from your table in no time.
Halawet El Jibn (Sweet Cheese Rolls) A delectable Arabic dessert made from rolls of soft, sweet cheese dough that gets stuffed with clotted cream, adorned with pistachios and rose petal jam. A drizzle of orange blossom and rose water flavored syrup puts the final seal of perfection.
Ramadan nights trifle
أنجح وصفة على الانترنت كله لعمل القطايف  قطايف روعه غير شكل عمل الشيف Ola sulieman يسعدلي اوقاتكم ? اليوم اعملت قطايف .. حضرتها لبكرا .. شو رايكم صبايا .. طريقتي وبتعرفوها .. بس رح احكيلكم شوي عن اشياء اساسيه بالقطايف .. تابعو معي  .. ❤❤ معلومات مهمه بالنسبه للقطايف … 1.كل كاس طحين ..لازم بالمقابل …
Ashtalieh (Lebanese Cream Pudding)-Milk, cream cheese, and nuts!
Mamounia, a wonderful Syrian dessert that comes from the city of Aleppo. Mamounia is a smooth and velvety semolina pudding that is usually ...
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Seriously the world's best coconut cream pie recipe ever from @todaysmama and @jetsetcarina.    Made with a different kind of coconut and with coconut milk, people call and email this Pinner for the recipe all year. You've never had a coconut pie like this, it's PERFECT.
We love desserts! And if it is Arabic sweets, we love them even more. I just cant get enough of Arabic sweets, so i am always in search for recipes. You all must be aware of my love fo…

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