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As much as I greatly dislike what was written for the description of 1 this is pretty useful
Thieves' cant example- Joey 12 fingers


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Shadowglass Daggers
Roll Playing Guys on Instagram: “Wondrous Item Wednesday! • St. Patrick’s day is around the corner and we couldn’t miss this positively prank-full item!! Don’t trust any…”
Ooh. I have a heavily tattooed and pierced sorceress in my book... Why didn't I think of this?

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d&d spell cards - Google Search

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an old map shows the location of kilnworth castle
Plan of Kenilworth Castle
an article about the meaning of common language
an image of a character in the video game, with text above it that reads d & d character concept treasure hunting roup
D&D Character Concept: Treasure-huntlng Rogue Born in the desert to a duo af dungeon-delving adventurers, [Character] grew up helping excavate dig sites for archeologists, translate for historians, as well as descending depths to collect ancient artifacts to be sold off to the eccentric or museums. living in such an environment brings like-minded, yet crueler individuals who try to take the treasure for themselves. [Character] learned to use sand, gravel, and loose dirt in self defense, kicking it up either as a "smoke" screen or diversion. - just what the world has hiding in the depths below. - iFunny
the text is displayed in an orange and black font, with red accents on it
Racial Origins
Dictionary-style text post containing Dwarf idioms for Dungeons & Dragons Art, Games, Play, Dungeons And Dragons 5e, Dnd 5e Homebrew
Dwarf Idioms to use in RPGS
an info sheet with the words eff idoms on it and below it is a green background
Some Fantasy Idioms I made for RPGs on Instagram
a purple poster with the words rogue idoms on it
Some Fantasy Idioms I made for RPGs on Instagram
two screens showing different types of text on the same page, and one with an image of
I need this campaign in my life.
an email message with the text'this meme is for thieves only '
This here is the SAUCE