Cosido Lace: Oya

Cosido Lace: Oya Single knots make this needle lace flower.

Part 1 of an 8-part tutorial on Armenian lace. This shows the standalone (i.e. not attached to fabric) method.

The Lost Art of Armenian Needle Work: Part Also known as Nazareth Lace, Bebilla, and Knotted Lace.

Armenian Embroidery... my great-grandmother used to make things much like this one.

The so called Armenian embroideries are easily identifiable: coarse, indigo dyed cotton foundation worked with coiled silk in mostly uncounted cross stitchi

M272064. A hairnet from St. Truiden with lacis fleur de lis and bird designs.  Also from St. Truiden and found at the Royal Institute of Cultural Heritage in Belgium. Google Translate suggests that the plain mesh is red dyed with madder and the embroidery is white and yellow dyed with weld.

St Truiden, madder and weld dyed Medieval hairnet in lacis/filet lace