Whirling Dervishes

From Where the term "Whirling Dervish" came. Dervish dancer, Konya, Turkey 19 September 2008 by Ezequiel Scagnetti.

The whirling dervish #turkey

You drew me so close to you, until I thought you are me.'' (Mustafa al-Hallaj Sufi poet century) Mansur al Hallaj was a Persian mystic, revolutionary writer and teacher of Sufism


“Soul receives from soul that knowledge, therefore not by book nor from tongue. If knowledge of mysteries come after emptiness of mind, that is illumination of heart.

The Al-Rifa’i Mosque was intended as a modern mosque that recaptured the wonder of old Mamluk Egypt. Many of the last members of the Egyptian royal family and royals of other countries are buried here.

Al-Rifa’i Mosque, Cairo, Egypt: Last resting place of several members of the Egyptian royal family, including King Farouk. Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (the last Shah of Iran) is also interred here. He died while in exile in Egypt. by Scott D.


January 1 - New Year's Day April 23 - National Independence & Children's Day May 1 - May Day Public Holiday May 19 - Ataturk Commemorati.


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The last pinner said: "Censor" - I presume that's another word for incense. Gorgeous photo, I always love the look of smoke curling. Though the addition of having a very cool looking incense holder doesn't hurt anything.