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jewelry - wirework tutorials

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jewelry - wirework tutorials

jewelry - wirework tutorials

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Freshwater Peacock Pearl Wire Wrapped Ring in Sterling Silver. $23.00, via Etsy. Yessss, I just need to buy some freshwater pearls...

Cool Ear Wire Tutorial

Ear Wire Tutorial - Something Sublime



8 Classic Wire Weaves | JewelryLessons.com


Amazing conversion chart (PDF) to calculate how much wire you need to coil-wrap any size wire over any size core- #Wire #Jewelry #Tutorials

Make a Danish knot - note the chart at the bottom of the post.

Easy Wire Wrapped Jewelry Tutorial : Flower Earrings

Fler MAG Dangerous Passion Wire wrapping tutorial

Fler MAG: Nebezpečná vášeň


make your own bead caps wire wrapped tutorial

Free Wire Wrapping Lessons | Tutorial 3: Spiral pearl elegance

6 Ways to Make Higher Quality Wire Jewelry - some great wire working tips plus a video

Tutorial: Birthstone Heart Pendant

A variety of free tutorials (not a spammy site) available from this very talented artist. HUngarian site - but good photo tutorials.

Dawn Blair (!!!!) has created a tutorial on how to do wire weaving. This is her favorite weave. It is a simple weave that helps build skill and control with the wire. It can be used may ways in design and handles curves well, since there are spaces between the wrapped sections.

Pear Tree Pendant and Bail Tutorial by martic | JewelryLessons.com

How to Make bead caps from scratch

Step By btep 5-strand braid, by Nanz Aalund from The Ganoskin Project.

The International Guild of Wire Jewelry Artists - Danish Knot Tutorial

free horseshoe chains class

Jewelery Making Class - I've never thought of it before but this ring is inspiring.

Green Dot Earrings Beaded Copper Hoops Boho by ArtandSoulJewelry

Wire wrapping. Earrings. Tutorial

How to wire wrap coins

A Clever Idea - Wire a Button as a Clasp! - #wire #jewelry #tutorial