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Learn to make your own colorful bracelets of threads or yarn. As fun for beginners as it is to intermedates.

How to do S Twist Sprang Interlinking

how to do S twist sprang interlinking, an explanation of S and Z twist, and a couple of reasons why you'd want to use S twist. Based on Peter Collingwood's b.

Ply-Split Braiding:  Using a Double-Pointed Gripfid to make Leftward Splittings - YouTube

Linda Hendrickson demonstrates both rightward and leftward splittings, and shows the benefits of using a double-pointed gripfid. In ply-split braiding, a gri.

sprang lesson 1 - YouTube

This video is about SprangTwining, crossing diagonal lines on a background of interlinking. The first video is called "Sprang.