Künefe / Turkish Cuisine

Künefe (angel’s hair, oven shredded pastry with soft cheese filling in thick syrup). Künefe is considered to be one of the most delicious Turkish desserts, especially in the city of Antakya (Antioch) located on Mediterrenean Sea, in Southern Turkey.


ledecorquejadore: “(via TURKISH KITCHEN ♨) traditional manti , turkish ravioli / or mini dumplings filled with spiced meat mixture, usually lamb or ground beef, in a dough wrapper, either boiled or.

Turkish Breakfast - Sucuklu Yumurta

All About Turkish Sucuk Beef Sausage

Fried Eggs And Turkish Sausage In A Copper Skillet (Sahanda Sucuklu Yumurta)


Delicious Spread of Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers and Herbs with Red Pepper Paste - Scrumptious and easy to make!

Aşure - a delicious Turkish dessert by Niquinho,

Ten Turkish Desserts to Tempt your Tastebuds

Sarmısaklı #mantı at Kardeşim, #Fethiye

Fethiye Restaurants - Every Town Needs A Mantı Evi. Fethiye Has Kardeşim Mantı

Continuing our celebration of the Turkish food, Mantı, here is a Fethiye restaurant which specialises in the dish. Meet Kardeşim Mantı Evi near Paspatur in Fethiye.

Kadayıf Tatlısı

Kadayıf Tatlısı

Japanese Ice cream

earl grey ice cream, different than anything you'd find otherwise. And no, not all ice-cream has to be typical vanilla or strawberry. Gray ice cream IS a thing and you don't have to fit in!

A Truly Local Taverna in Athens’ Touristy Psyri Neighborhood

Oinopoleion is a gem in Athens' touristy Psyri neighborhood: a taverna popular with locals, offering good food and house wines from the owners' own vineyard

Fish Dinner by Turkish Travel,

Popular Seafood Cuisine of Turkey

Eating fish in Turkey is cheap and in summer, the best thing for Aegean or Mediterranean dining and street food.

a dessert board to conquer all

a dessert board to conquer all