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Para um quadro
Lindas pêras
Para um quadro
Fotos, Deus
Café com Deus
a table and chairs in a room with white tiles on the walls, potted plants hanging above
there are four pictures with flowers in the vases and on the table is a man
a person holding a cell phone in their hand and taking a photo with the camera
Foto Telemóvel
a table topped with plates of food and bowls of salad next to each other on top of a white table cloth
Almoço saudável
Bife , arroz salada e tomates
Maria Peniche Curtains
an airplane is seen through the window at dusk from inside a plane's cabin
O Céu Que Deus Criou
a wooden bridge surrounded by lush green trees
Paz Tranquilidade
a pink hat sitting on top of a black table next to the ocean and sky
Bags, Peniche, Duffle, Duffle Bag
a fence that is next to the ocean with plants growing out of it and water in the background
the sun is setting over some parked cars
Por do sol