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I used a plastic grocery bag as a pattern. looks to be totes upcycled from T-shirts or other sleeveless tops. Could be nice gift for a teacher.


PHOTO crochet cotton fiber bags -From artisan weavers in Guatemala, this colorful tote is designed-based on original farm bags used for sowing corn.


Original Wayuu Mochila hand woven in LaGuaira Colombia, una hebra tecnique


WAYUU TRIBE | Handmade Wayuu Mochilas Boho Bags

Artisanal Wayuu Bags Handmade by the Wayuu Tribe. Wayuu Bags are available Brasil, USA, and worldwide. Information on the Wayuu Tribe and Making Wayuu Bags

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The Wayuu women are incredibly talented at crocheting beautiful wayuu bags and patterns. To the Wayuu, the patterns tell the story of their

Wayuu Boho Bags with Crochet Patterns

Oaxaca Large Mochila Bag - Wayuu Tribe

Handmade Oaxaca, pronounced [wuh-hah-kuh], Mochila Bags take approximately 14 or more days to complete using the crochet / weaving technique. Enclosure: Drawstrings One-Of-A-Kind