video making needle lace

Wow, a Unesco video showing the making of Needle Lace in Alecon, France. Beautiful and skilful!

needle lace tutorial

How-to: Century needle lace (could also use on St. Birgitta cap) Lace- stitch-variations as they are encountered individually or combined as decoration on the garments from Lengberg.

needle lace!

Ileanas Lace: Cusaturi din tecnica Point Lace/olika spets söm som används i…

Lacemaking in Croatia :: Croatian Cultural Heritage - The national digitisation project - Ministry of Culture

Sol Lace - Not Sol lace - The fact that the lacemaker is working on an apparently finished piece of lace, and the presence of the mesh stick, shows this to be a piece of circular netted lace.


Oya Video showing rolling edge of fabric and beginning stitches.