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The Nobuko Stitch - - such a versatile of my favorites.

How to Work Nobuko and Double Alternating Nobuko Needlepoint Stitches

How to Work Nobuko & Double Alternating Nobuko Needlepoint Stitches: Tried & True Way to Work the Nobuko Stitch in Step-by-Step Detail

Straight Knitting Stitch

Learn to Knit on Needlepoint Canvas With the Straight Knitting Stitch

Learn to Knit on Needlepoint Canvas with the Straight Knitting Stitch: Working the Kalem or Straight Knitting Stitch

The Double Woven Stitch is worked similarly to the standard Woven Stitch and closely resembles a twill textile weave. It's perfect as a filler, and can be used in border areas as well.: Working the Double Woven Stitch


And you thought the double Parisian stitch had you all mixed up! I can't even calculate the ratio of messing it up by missing one of those petit point stitches in the top row. (Is there an error in the vertical from the right?

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Oatmeal Stitch

Oatmeal Stitch

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Reverse Mosaic

The Reversed Mosaic stitch is a textured, decorative stitch worked in small blocks. Worked similarly to standard Mosaic stitch.


The Hungarian Diamond Stitch is a needlepoint filling stitch that can be worked as a filling or in rows, and resembles rows of diamonds.: Working the Hungarian Diamond Stitch