Theodors och Wilmas mamma: Babynest mönster + beskrivning

Baby nest (instructions in German, but photos are good enough for instructions

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Baby nests have become very popular nowadays (at least in Sweden) and pretty much all parents either buy one or make one themselves. It’s a fun and easy project that everyone can make!

Moderna bebé cruz puntada con elefantes por oneofakindbabydesign

Elephant Cross Stitch Pattern/Cross Stitch Elephant/Baby Elephant Cross Stitch Pattern/Baby Cross Stitch Pattern/Elephant Name Cross Stitch by oneofakindbabydesign on Etsy

Adorable Cute Mama and Baby Elephant Cross Stitch Pattern!

Elephant Cross Stitch Pattern This is an adorable cross stitch pattern of a baby elephant holding onto his mama elephant's tail.

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