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Daria (1997)
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17 Times Daria Understood Everything You've EVER Thought About Life
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22 Times "Daria" Got Way, Way Too Real
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Even though you're jaded, things still surprise you:
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Thank God You're Here
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Bowers Gang Preferences - He has a nightmare
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I Have Low Esteem For Everyone Else
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Daria Quotes
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28 Daria Quotes For Any Situation
Anti Social Behaviour
29 Reasons Daria Was TV's Greatest Cynic
17 Very Real Struggles For Everyone Who Grew Up Quiet
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You always have great weekend plans:
Andreanna Jones
Andreanna Jones
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29 Reasons Daria Was TV's Greatest Cynic
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29 Reasons Daria Was TV's Greatest Cynic
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15 Problems People Who Are Tired All The Time Know All Too Well
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27 "Daria" Moments That Are 100% Quotable For Any Situation