Antique Turkish Embroidery

Antique Turkish Ottoman Velvet Costume with Gold Embroidery Ottoman Dynasty


This shows a pattern for making salwar -- Persian pants -- which are great for KCRF use. I believe I still have a salwar pattern from my belly-dancing days.

Turkish garb color patterns

The centyry miniaturist Levni almost always depicted women holding flowers and with flower motifs in their appared. His paintings are noted for their colour palette of secondary shades and gentle expressions on the faces of his figures.

persian dancer with scarves

Bukhara school, created under Abd al-Aziz Khan, Persian dancer with scarves, Fitzwilliam Museum

Recreating 16th and 17th Century Clothing: The Renaissance Tailor. Eastern rectangle coat

Demonstrations>Accessories:Eastern European>Rectangular Constructed Coats from "The Renaissance Tailor.

Levni'den (Miniature painting by Levni, 18th century) Topkapı Palace, İstanbul.

Women playing instruments, Ottoman miniature painting from the Surname-i Vehbi by Abdulcelil Levni, 1720

Minyatür-miniature. Lady from the Palace. Levni, 18th century.

'A Lady from the Palace (in outdoors costume)'. Ottoman miniature by Levni, early century. Abdulcelil Levni (died was an Ottoman court painter and miniaturist.

Persian Portrait

Barefoot Youth by Riza Abbasi.Title: Barefoot Youth Artist: Riza Abbasi Country of Origin: Iran Date of Creation: 1600 AD

Ottoman Turkish Garb An Overview of Women’s Clothing an interesting research paper

College of Three RavensFebruary 2008 Ottoman Turkish Garb An Overview of Women’s Clothing Caftan identif.