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My own checkist aimed at using a whole child approach.

My own checkist aimed at using a whole child approach.

I liked this behaviour chart as it can be given to specific students that require extra motivation and more close monitoring. It can be pocket size so the student can carry it around as a constant reminder to themselves, and they can review it to see how they are doing. I nice thing is that the student gets to choose the reward they receive... which is a great motivator for them to succeed!

Awesome Behavior Management tool for LIFE skills teachers, especially those who work with students with Autism. Back to school MUST HAVE!

This scale is a great way for students to clearly see exactly what they have to do to exceed in class. The number is like a grade and it can even inspire competition in the students.

In an attempt to have students self-monitor their behaviors and provide parents with feedback on their day, I created this proficiency scale. Students rate themselves on a scale based on several criteria. TWO VERSIONS

I liked this behaviour chart because it allows students to set themselves more long term goals over the course of a week. This helps student to develop committed behaviours and not just act for immediate rewards.

This popular printable weekly behavior chart style is designed for focusing on several activities or behaviors during the course of one week.

I thought that these were really cool! I know the students in my class would love these. Student love to collect card and Im sure these would be a big hit! If they dont have the care it would inspıre them to work towards it.

Brag tags are a fun classroom management tool to recognize student effort, behavior, and accomplishments. And, they are especially effective during those last few weeks of school. Free brag tag in post!