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Para os padrinhos
there are four boxes with different designs on them
a white box with a green ribbon on it
Scatolina Mini portaconfetti e astuccio riso per Matrimonio | Tipografia Falisca
a white box with blue flowers on it next to two small stones and a ribbon
Light blue envelopes and silk ribbons. Handmade paper wedding invitations. Golden wax seals.
the wedding stationery is laid out on top of each other, with blue flowers
Convite de casamento: 20 modelos para inspirar
an open box with some paper in it on top of a white surface and the inside is decorated with flowers
Scatole Portaconfetti Matrimonio - Scatola Degustazione Quadrata | Tipografia Falisca
a white box with flowers painted on the front and sides, sitting on a table
a card that is sitting on top of a table with flowers in front of it