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❤❤❤ Hi I'm Isabelle, 16 years old :) call me Izzy. I love to go skateboarding and I play volleyball. :D Oh and I'm single *winks* but hopefully someone can change that. Introduce yourselves?

you are my ☼ , my☽ and all my ✰'s

{Fc: Chrissy Costanza} Hey, I'm Nicole but you can just call me Nic. I'm pretty outgoing. I have panic attacks alot so yeah.

(Open RP) Jay) *stumbles out of the bar giggling* guuuyyysss *slurs*

hello I am Chloe I am 17yrs old I live with my foster parents because my parents died in a car accident I only have one birth sister who is 15yrs old. I love animals shopping kids coffee concerts and the beach and I am single (face claim Cherry Albrecht)

Hi im Brittany im 15 years old im hispanic fully my parents are from Nicaragua and i have a sister named may and im varsity captain of both the dance team and the volleyball team and im single ! fc: cherry albrecht // im restarting everything//