Turkish oya needlelace no can do this.... but loooove it

Little Treasures: Oya Crochet or the Language of Anatolian Women

Bouphthalmon, Wiener Dioskurides, folio 75v, (copy of "De materia medica" by Pedanius Dioscorides), 512 n. Chr.

Bouphthalmon, Wiener Dioskurides, folio (copy of "De materia medica" by Pedanius Dioscorides), 512 n.


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Qur'an Manuscript

Title: Qur'an Manuscript Object Name: Non-illustrated manuscript Date: late early century CE Geography: India, Kashmir Medium: Ink, gold, and lapis on paper;

Islamic Calligraphy, Caligraphy, Paper Art, Ottoman, Islamic Art, Art History, Art Journals, Medieval, Language


Bargello, Needle Points, Eminem, Needlework, Embroidery, Costura, Sew, Handarbeit, Stitches

Tile | Origin: Greater Iran | Period:  14th-15th century | Collection: The Madina Collection of Islamic Art, gift of Camilla Chandler Frost (M.2002.1.261a-b) | Type: Ceramic; Architectural element, Fritware, molded and underglaze-painted, Diameter: 7 7/8 in. (20 cm); Depth: 9/16 in. (1.43 cm)

~ The Madina Collection of Islamic Art : Greater Iran, century, Fritware, molded and underglaze-painted tile

Tile | Iran 14th-15th century |

Tile Iran, century Ceramics Earthenware, glaze-painted and leaf-gilded