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We need a clock for the wall that doesn't tick (annoying on quiet days)(Diy Furniture Design)

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Concrete Bath Set / Concrete Soap Dispenser / Bathroom Organization / Bathroom Cup Holder / Soap Pump / Razor Holder / Toothpaste Holder

concrete textile This new integration concrete - textile fibers allows to realize precisely elements, precast panels, etc. reduced thickness and therefore light, thin profiles and sandwich panels, shell structures, knitted rhomboid, also covers medium and large spans. A speech deserves the Concrete Canvas structures that allow you to make small artifacts and covers an impregnated conglomerate which hardens after being wet. It is waterproof and fire resistant. Easily transportable in packs

Textile research institutes and corporations have in recent years researched fiber-based alternative construction materials and developed products ready for market destined to replace classic materials like steel.

14 DIY Concrete Projects - From DIY Concrete Illuminators to Upcycled Concrete Planters (TOPLIST)

14 DIY Concrete Projects

Awesome Easy Fun Concrete DIY Cement Projects for Your Home ! since Roman times Cement and concrete has been with us and the Brutalist current seriously put.

Modern House Numbers for Every Budget

Modern House Numbers for Every Budget

Modern House Numbers, Square Concrete & Beige Acrylic - Contemporary Home Address -Sign Plaque - Door Number