These metal grid wall organizers are calling, “Make me!” They all look so good in these photos, but a big part of that is the expert styling. If I make my own, will I be able to curate it so perfectly? I guess we’ll find out, since I’m to the point where I’ve been casually trawling …

DIY Inspiration: Metal Grid

2,067 curtidas, 20 comentários - Art & Architecture (@architects_need) no Instagram: “#amazing #maquete #model By @arsheet_group ”

2,067 curtidas, 20 comentários - Art & Architecture (@architects_need) no Instagram: “#amazing #maquete #model By @arsheet_group ”

COLLÈGE 600, SAINT-MAURICE DE BENOST | Concours en 2000  Ricardo Porro et Renaud de La Noue, architectes

Junior High School Saint-Maurice de Beynost │ Competition in 2000 :: Pictures and Description of the Project

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House Steenkamp, plan

HOUSE STEENKAMP Description Designed in four phases, the house is an ongoing project – an organic building that grows over time.

radial architecture

Forest Mansion is not just a house in the woods, it’s a metaphor, reflection and supplementation of the virgin forest where is situated. Forest Mansion is a dream experienced by its owner for over 20 years. The edifice, situated in the suburban ar

Holcim Africa Middle East

12 Projects Win Regional Holcim Awards 2014 for Africa Middle East,GOLD: Eco-Techno Park: Green building showcase and enterprise hub. Image Courtesy of Holcim Foundation

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Astana National Library, Astana, Kazakhstan - BIG ANL_Elevations by AMNP, via Flickr

BIG Architects have unveiled an incredible new library that will serve as a multifunctional cultural center for Astana, Kazakhstan. Named Nursultan Nazarbayev after the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the new library will encompass not just