A seemingly impossible plant: Crassula 'Buddha's Temple.'

These would be beautiful in a zero scape yard. A seemingly impossible plant: Crassula 'Buddha's Temple.

Larryleachia cactiforme (Syn. Trichocaulon cactiforme), endémica de Port Elizabeth, Sudáfrica

This photo of a blooming Trichocaulon cactiforme was shared from Vida Suculenta by Sheila and it's incredible! Rare plant from all arround the world!


100 Aloe Polyphylla Seed Succulent Spiraling Vera Cactus Rare Exotic Plant Gardening Home Decor DIY Heirloom Rare Exotic

Viola dasyphyllum

Succulent with beautiful white flowers; Viola Columnaris Vulcanica, alpine plant, Patagonia, Argentina by Margit Sepsi

'Crassula Pyramidalis'

virdiplantae: Crassula pyramidalis variegata ~Delicately pink, green and geometric - Gardening And Patio

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This is a type of Aeonium that I think would look really good in the garden. Not the pink/red variety though- one with cooler tones