Sculpting a female head in clay. Sculpting tutorial and demo.

Sculpting a head. Sculpting demo how to sculpt female head in water based clay . This sculpting demo will teach you how to make realistic sculpture of beautiful women.You will learn about creating general shape of a head, tricks and tips thaught by master

Ira Reines - Luminaire

"Colleen" - by Heinz Richter - Leica Summicron, Agfapan - Photosculpture, combining a photograph of a sculpture with a photograph of a model

Esculturas por Gaylord Ho

Esculturas por Gaylord Ho

"Spirit Dance" by Gaylord Ho. Such beautiful lines. You don't see evidence of The Golden Triangle as often in sculpture.

Dryad Statue by Dellamorteco on Etsy

Dryad Statue

brown - woman tree (baxk) - figurative sculpture - Michael Locascio - resin dryad statue, hand painted with wood finish

Bernard Kapfer, sculpteur "pas de deux" 1945 bronze

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Two of several water nymph statues in York House Gardens Twickenham along side the River Thames

Ira Reines, Eternal All, bronze, 110" H x 36" W x 32" D

brown - couple - Eternal All - Ira Reines - figurative sculpture - bronze