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Art by Sung Kim

Charting Creations Lakeside Lodge - Artwork © Sung Kim Used under license from Bentley Licensing Group 25 Count, X cm 18 Count, X cm 14 Count, X cm This chart uses 87 DMC colours and is x Floss Shopping Guide

Still Life with Fruit and Champagne, Helen Searle

Still Life with Fruit and Champagne, Helen Searle. In the painting there are grapes, plums, and a peach on a white marble table, and in the middle a glass of champagne. There's also a long branch that has clearly been cut.

Still Life

Still Life with Grapes and Lemons The local grape vines are sprouting leaves. So I knocked up this very simple still life to celebrate it. I'm working on something really complex, so I need something simle to keep me sane.