Knit or crochet yourself a bag in denim | tutorials show how to make yarn from denim | many other ideas and tutorials to inspire you to weave, sew and chain your way to a new bag | DiaryofaCreativeFanatic

Some great ideas for recycling denim, from Daria of DiaryofaCreativeFanatic. Links on the page ~ How to make denim yarn, & the free pattern for the crocheted denim bag.

Бесплатный шаблон шитья и полный фото учебник для этого полностью обратимого ведра тотализатора мешка.  Я делаю некоторые в детских тканей, как душа ребенка подарки - удобная и вешают тоже.

Bucket tote - free pattern

Handbags & Wallets - Free sewing pattern and full photo tutorial for this fully-reversible bucket tote bag. Im making some in nursery fabrics as baby shower gifts - handy and they hang up too. - How should we combine handbags and wallets?


bag dimension for crochet

Folded Knitting Patterns

Free knitting pattern for Tolt Folded Bag - Veronika Jobe created this clever pattern that creates a tote out of a folded rectangle of knitting. Handle is optional. Two versions are included for garter stitch and stockinette, but you can use any stitch yo

Turquoise wristlet purse decorated with crystal by daphnenen

Used this as inspiration for a felted crochet bag.Turquoise wristlet purse decorated with crystal by daphnenen

Messenger Bag By Judith L. Swartz - Free Crochet Pattern - (ravelry)

This bag could be made bigger or smaller depending on how many granny squares you have.


use your imagination

Яркая летняя сумка вязаная крючком. Круглая сумка вязаная крючком схемы | LabHouseHold - все о рукоделии своими руками : мастер классы, фото, схемы для дома и квартиры - все виды домашнего рукоделия


The edge goes easily askew, be careful with it.

Сумочка узором зиг-заг. - Вяжем вместе он-лайн - Страна Мам


- Knit together online - Country Mom


❤intéressant et super!

Irish crochet &: Ирландия Юлии Суворовой

īru raksts

Irish crochet &: Ирландия Юлии Суворовой

crochet в Pinterest

Letnяя sumkа v stile boho.

сумка крючком маленькая - Поиск в Google

сумка крючком маленькая - Поиск в Google

bolsa feita em barbante Barroco

A Z crochet bag

Borsa tulipani

purple and green crocheted basket


Ravelry: Rose Garden Tote pattern by Michele Wilcox ~ free pattern