Pan fried dumplings

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Crazy Rich Asian Dumplings!

I inspired to make this authentic Chinese dumpling recipe after watched the movie Crazy Rich Asians which you MUST watch if you haven't!!! The funniest movie I've seen this year!!! The key for Crazy Rich Asians dumpling is the juicy filling and (Cliché warning) love.

Shrimp Dumplings - Damn Delicious

38 reviews
25 minutes

Homemade dumplings are easier to make than you think, and you can completely customize your fillings!

Chicken Potstickers

12 reviews
2 hours

If you are making these dumplings ahead, freeze the pleated potstickers. After several hours, the dumplings should harden. Transfer the frozen dumplings to a freezer bag. DO NOT store pleated, uncooked potstickers in the refrigerator. The moisture from the filling will seep into the dumpling skin, and your dumplings will be a soggy mess.

Chicken Dumplings: Nepalese Momo | Cooking On The Weekends

4 reviews
34 minutes

Juicy chicken, tender vegetables and aromatic flavors are in every bite of these Ginger Garlic Chicken Dumplings.

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Shrimp and Pork Shumai

10 reviews
60 minutes

This shumai recipe combines pork and shrimp with a blend of spices for a delicious dumpling filling. Make this dinner recipe in just 60 minutes!

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Chinese Daikon Radish Cakes Recipe (Luo Bo Gao) - Asian Dumpling Tips

Thanks to Wai Chu’s recipe in The Dumpling cookbook, I’ve now gotten my fix of daikon radish cakes. If you’re unfamiliar with luóbo gāo (lok bok gow in Cantonese, 蘿蔔糕) they’re a mainstay on Cantonese dim sum menus. Recall the crisp seared pieces of slightly soft whitish cakes that look like a deck of playing […]

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Loh Mai Gai 糯米鸡

This steamed sticky rice is my absolute favourite in Dim Sum place back in Malaysia. It is also a family favorite with mom making it...

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How to Make Savory Chinese Turnip Cakes (Law Bok Gow)

Studded with Chinese sausage, Chinese bacon, and shiitake mushrooms, this steamed (and then, optionally, pan-fried) daikon-radish-based snack is a classic at both the Chinese New Year, and also on dim sum tables year-round.

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Potstickers (Chinese Pan Fried Dumplings!)

53 reviews
55 minutes

Recipe video above. Time to get your dumpling game on! Don't fret about perfect pleats - if it's all too hard, just press the seams together without pleating, plenty of Chinese restaurants do this.

The Easy Pork Dumplings I’m Making for Chinese New Year

Make these easy, adaptable, freezable dumplings to celebrate Lunar New Year and enjoy a freezer full of good fortune all year long.