Melih Cimin

Melih Cimin

Melih Cimin
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SMEG Fiat 500 Fridge 3

Iconic car manufacturer Fiat, team up with Smeg to create the fridge. Retro design, bright colours, technology with style.

Brick - modular fridge system concept | Designer: Jangho Kim

Brick suggests the individual refrigerator which can be combined and made by people’s environments and diets. So users can make a individual refrigerator.Each module which has 2 different sizes, perform different roles such as refrigerator, freezer, and…

Bentley Barnato Roadster

The Bentley Barnato Roadster was designed to evoke the spirit of the original racing Bentley’s, the cars that had superchargers bolted onto the front and went belting around Brooklands setting new speed records and winning races whilst being derisively du