Trio Red Cardinals cross stitch pattern

A group of cute little cardinals birds. The red cardinal holds a special spiritual meaning for Christians.

I know it’s unofficially fall now, but where I live it still feels exactly like summer and I’m not quite ready to enter the land of frost and pumpkin spice everything just yet. If you w…

Hang on to Summer with these Pretty Purple Violets to Stitch

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Beautiful pattern of a single Centaurea cyanus, commonly known as the cornflower. In some European cultures, the cornflower serves as a symbol of remembrance and sustenance.

Gráficos de Ponto Cruz e fotos de trabalhos!

READ: Make a guest tea and coffee chart so that those who visit can note how they like their tea (flavor/dark/light/sugar/milk) and coffee (cream/sugar/flavor?) Hang it by the warm drink area!