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Protea, South Africa


Protea, South Africa

Name: Protea Cynaroides; Nickname: King Protea, Giant Protea, Honeypot, King Sugarbush; Fragrance: None; Ego Maniac: This flower has the biggest head of it’s genus; Hometown: National flower of South Africa; Superpower: Can withstand fires due to its thick underground stem which contains lots of new buds; This would make an awesome bridal bouquet as a single stem!

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"Kitchen protea #605" daily painting by Heidi Shedlock

Kitchen protea #605

Daily painting #605 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel A share from my kitchen today....and for a change it is not food! A little bit of pretty from my house to yours...have a beautiful day! Purchase paintings at Heidi Shedlock Fine Art (Click on the highlighted writing to view gallery of available daily paintings and for all purchased details)

Oil on Canvas. King Proteas. Melissa Von Brughan Art

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Pink king protea on brown damask background...

Pink king protea on brown damask background...