Pile in some eggs for Easter! Petals for the wedding!

good idea for sprucing up plastic containers-bit fussy, wdnt use burlap and lace tho

Marco de papel - created via http://pinthemall.net

Create picture frames using arbonne catalogs

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Don't throw out those old socks! Turn them into Sock Animals like this adorable Sock Teddy Bear. He's easy to make and just waiting to be cuddled. It's a beautiful gift idea.

Lampara hecha con vasos de plástico

Discover thousands of images about Plastic Cup Lamp - staple or paste at the green dots. My husbands grandmother had 3 of these that she hung outside or inside in windows at Christmas and stuck Xmas lights inside. Theyre awesome.

Newspapers Used for Baskets - This site has alot of Use It Again items!!

8 Creative Paper Upcycling Projects: Use It Again


вместо кофе полимерная глина Corazón de café ideal para decorar y aromatizar.que bien.

Dopo aver visto in un precedente articolo come riciclare i tappi di sughero, ecco che ci ritroviamo a parlare di tappi, ma questa volta in plastica. Cercan

30 modi strepitosi per riciclare tappi di plastica. STUPENDI!!!

Fridge Clock Toy made from Plastic Bottle Caps Más


basket weaving using clear dixie cup and string, yarn or raffia. great project for kids. Chinese maybe? I dunno, but its pretty self explanatory.


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DIY Tape Roll Jewelry Box So cute!


Hediye Kutusu Nasıl Yapılır?

DIY Tape Roll Jewelry Box So cute!

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Tuvalet Kağıdı Rulosundan Neler Yapılır

DIY Phone Holder With Toilet Paper Rolls Easy Craft Re-purposing is all about creativity! Check out this easy peasy DIY Phone Holder! A fun and easy way to reuse and recycle those toilet paper rolls.

EVDE KOLAY SÜSLÜ KUŞ KAFESİ NASIL YAPILIR - https://kendinyapsana.com/evde-kolay-suslu-kus-kafesi-nasil-yapilir/


Tutorial for how to make miniature decorative bird cage - interesting technique with sticks stuck into styrofoam - easily modified for realistic cage. Good because I never have birdcage just laying around.

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DIY Cardboard Box Art art diy crafts easy crafts diy ideas diy crafts do it yourself crafty easy diy craft diy photos diy tutorials craft gift box diy tutorial ideas craft gifts cardboard. This would be great for cards with money to go into for a wedding.

DIY firefly light So cute an easy! Just poke holes in a tin can and put in Christmas lights!

Recycle Old Tin Canisters Creatively

Beautiful And Artsy DIY Firefly Lamp- would be a great thing for reading and writing, or even a special romantic nightlight

Jeans Pants Review Project 45

How to make a pouch, purse or wallet. Diy Denim Pencil Case - Step by Step.