Vibrant Blooms ORIGINAL Silk Painting Canvas Mount by tinassilkart, $395.00

Vibrant Blooms ORIGINAL Silk Painting mounted on canvas with acrylic glaze medium. Purple Hydrangeas just lined my grandmothers garden and bring


Michel Design Works Kitchen Dining Hydrangea Hostess Napkins Set of 15 - in Home & Garden, Greeting Cards & Party Supply, Party Supplies, Party Tableware & Serveware

papel arte francesa litoarte - Google'da Ara

Papel Arte Francesa Litoarte AFQG-101

5819b9e20c885978eff64d55eb3d0832.jpg 348×500 pixels

Via Lorraine Degall/Mullins. Marni Maree - a beautiful painting by a knowledgeable and delicate hand.

Butterfly's Joy by BirchTreeGallery on Etsy

Acrylic painting 12 x 16 inches, stretched canvas Decorative styled still life of a lush purple hydrangea attracting a delicate white butterfly. Embellished with a faux parchment textured background and a hint of gold paint stipple.