Sakirin Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey.

The Şakirin Mosque is thought to be the first Mosque in Turkey to be designed by women and it’s beautiful. The Mosque which is situated in Istanbul combines a contemporary and modern design whilst paying homage to traditional Ottoman design.

The Selimiye Mosque, an Ottoman mosque in the city of Edirne, (Turkey).

islamic-art-and-quotes: “Aerial View of the New Mosque (Yeni Camii) in Istanbul, Turkey (Ottoman Architecture) [This photo was earlier incorrectly labelled as the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne, Turkey.] Originally found on: islamic-cultures ”

Al Qasa Mosque 1930 - Palestine

داخل مسجد قبة الصخرة المشرفة القدس، فلسطين ١٩٣٠ Inside the mosque of the Dome of the Rock Jerusalem, Palestine 1930 Dentro de la mezquita de la Cúpula de la Roca Jerusalén, Palestina 1930

MOAB Mosque in Baghdad - Iraq

MOAB Mosque in Baghdad – Iraq. Notice how the minarets are designed to look like Kalashnikov rifles.