would  this not be so cute in your classroom!

this looks like a great mothers day/grandparent gift/ teacher gift idea. Lots of options with flowerpots, buckets, etc to put it in and with the types of flowers or stems to use and filling in the pail.

Lace your shoes! - Fine Motor Activity for Kids

Lace your shoes! - Fine Motor Activity for Kids This activity is great for young children to learn how the shoe laces work. It is easy to make, fun for kids and low cost. You can use real shoe too, but this tissue box makes it easier for young.

Fingerprint Sheep Craft!  Repinned by CAPA www.capacares.org

Fingerprint Sheep Craft for Kids.Make some cute fingerprint sheep with your kids for an Easter craft!

Fine motor sewing

Learning basic sewing with a polystyrene plate, yarn, + plastic needle. I remember doing this with craft mesh when I was a kid and then graduating to sewing buttons by hand onto little pillows and pockets.

DIY Paper Cup Basket

DIY Paper Cup Basket - great for many occasions - easter, showers, birthday, get well.

fine motor skills!

4 Fine Motor Activites using LEGO Bricks

Four easy to set-up and fun activities to practice fine motor skills using LEGO bricks from children in every grade level need fine motor skill help

Whale Balloon Birthday Card with cash gift in balloon.

DIY Birthday Whale Balloon Money Card Tutorial for kids… and Adults. Just put the money in the balloon. The recipient blows up the balloon and pops it to get the cash.

Second Grade Nest: Hula hoop on white board as clock  (cool idea - I could use chalk & the driveway during the summer!)

Second Grade Nest

FIRST GRADE - Telling Time- stick a hula hoop to the white board, and write numbers around the inside of the circle to make a "clock". You can make little notches around the inside of the hula hoop to practice telling time to the exact time.

Rainbow Lacing Busy Bag! A colorful way to develop fine motor skills. )

Rainbow Lacing Busy Bag