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two girls in a vw bus with peace signs on the side and flowers painted on the front
60's party photo booth
a multicolored chest of drawers is on display in a store with other items
a colorfully decorated round object on the floor at an art show with people standing around it
Spotted this oversized ottoman festooned with pom-poms at Toy Fair 2014. No link, just photo.
a cactus in a pot with barbed wire on it's top and bottom part
Galería Moriarty :: Chema Madoz
four different types of woodworking tools are shown in this image, and there is no image on the page
DIY Knife Block - DIY projects for everyone!
This project is not for the average DIYer as it requires access to a CNC machine to cut the pattern in the ply. But if you have a very good hand and an equally good jigsaw you should have no difficulty either. The last option would be a good, old-fashioned fret saw but we’re guessing there are not too many of those in your tool kit :) Would you like to have one in your kitchen?
a black light fixture hanging from the ceiling in a room with a chain attached to it
Bombillas al ataque - Parafernalia
Bombillas al ataque. Originales y divertidas lámparas hechas con bombillas
Hidden Compartment Floating Shelf
Floating Shelf : switch so front of shelf is the drawer front and the top is fixed. Interesting idea for floating closet or dining room storage.
two pieces of art made out of wood with branches hanging on the wall and another piece of artwork mounted to the wall
Emma Courtney Home: Design Tips, IKEA Hacks, and DIY Projects
Friday Favourites: A Little Bit of Everything
some rocks with designs on them are sitting on the ground and one is painted black and white
soo cool!
soo cool! by christy