Daren Fan too Ami knit weave beautiful artistic rendering life. weave hand-crochet network of life

Mixed Crocheted Applique fruits, flowers ,lady bug= i think these would look good on tea towels or napkins, or if you sew on childrens/baby clothing

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tassels-diy.jpg 360×448 ピクセル

Yarn Tassel Ornaments Wrap yarn around cardboard (ours was 3 inches high) at least 10 times. Loop yarn for hanger under top strands; Cut through bottom loops. Tie yarn around tassel near the top; trim ends evenly.

いつか作りたいもの 〜ラグ〜 : サンディエゴ生活

いつか作りたいもの 〜ラグ〜 : サンディエゴ生活