Raki - the national drink of Turkey drink

Rakı (pronounce rah-kuh) is the national alcoholic drink and is similar to Greece's Ouzo. It's served with water and ice, and usually accompanies fish dinners.

Turkish national drink, Raki

Turkish national drink, Raki - not sure how they get around that whole Muslim-no alcohol thing?

Fish and Raki...Turkish classic!

One cannot leave Turkey without the "Raki balik" experience - (rakı and fish)!

YENI RAKI! Next Month, download the anthem on Itunes!

Yeni Raki and Ishtiklal are synonymous with my travels to istanbul

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The Naked Grouse

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Rakı - Tekirdağ rakı is made from fresh, rather than dry, grapes.

Rakı - Tekirdağ rakı is made from fresh, rather than dry, grapes.

Klup Rakı Turkic Drink

Klup Rakı Turkic Drink

Hünkar Rakı

Hünkar [Modelled and Rendered with Cinema - Türkiye

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