Wooden house, nice design.

Wooden house, nice design.

DIY Pull Out Bed for small spaces: http://www.treehugger.com/eco-friendly-furniture/live-tiny-house-build-diy-built-roll-out-bed.html?action=collapse_widget&id=0&data=

Live in a tiny house? Build a DIY built-in roll-out bed

The River Road Cottage (800 sq ft)

The River Road Cottage sq ft), this design by architect Nir Pearlson is all about easy one-floor living.

Булерьян своими руками - Построим дом и дачу сами

Ремонтируем сами

Running an fan through the middle to blow air up the pipes would help it radiate out. Bend the pipes around a 55 gallon barrel and make a rocket style insulation around it with sand and plaster. Place some sort of central blower to control speed of air

I've always loved the idea of a log cabin home. The one on this Pin and all the ones in the link are gorgeous. I could see living in several of them. The views from their windows aren't too shabby either.

I really like Log Cabin homes. We call our place in Missouri a cabin. Just wishful thinking I guess, but maybe someday I will convert the outside to look like a log cabin.

Cool log cabin

Dream Home: Luxury Rustic Homes Photos) - woods rustic outdoors nature mountain log cabin house home cabin

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old railroad depot country house by Carolina Peuriot Bouché of architecture & interior design studio Prágmata giving the soul of a New York loft & Creole ranch

ThunderHomes Disaster Relief Housing | Unique Custom Housing

Emergency response restrooms and showers trailers for disaster relief. Rapid response for self-contained restroom trailers and shower trailers.

I want this in the woods by a lake with a boat and books and a fishing pole and only an iPod.

I wanted a tree house SO badly as a kid but none of the trees in our back yard could support one. If I'm ever lucky enough to have kids, I will make sure they have a sweet tree house.