Bulletin board- just love this!

LOVE This! Reading takes you places.student created butterflies emerging from an open book. Cut-Paper Art Print © madebykale (Artist, Australia) print Colorful butterflies emerging from an open book.

group mural idea

birds on a wire. inspiration for the craft room. i'm thinking black yarn for the wire and cut out paper birds

A twist on another bulletin board...we made the butterflies using books we had weeded from the collection! The kids loved to try and figure out which book it was from! We titled it Reading gives you wings...Thank you Susanne (my TA) for taking my idea and running with it!

We love this bulletin board made with books weeded from a collection! The butterflies could also be made from old maps or left blank for kids to color in.

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class mural of birds

Birds in a Tree mural The children make cut-paper birds for a group mural and then draw pictures of their birds for a booklet to identify each artist. For ages 3 to Plan 2 sessions.