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a knife sitting on top of a piece of paper
four wooden swords are lined up on the floor
Broń biała z drewna
an old wooden hammer with wood handle on white background
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Medieval Weapon - Short Battle Axe Wooden Hand Made. $85.00, via Etsy.
an old fashioned wind chime hanging on the side of a wooden wall
10 ways to learn Woodworking
Softwoods come from the large household of cone-bearing trees that bear needles rather than leaves. Firs and pines of all sorts, redwood, cedar and cypress are common North American softwoods made into board lumber. Due to the fact that these species are well suited for building and construction functions, all lumber used fro framing and roughing building comes from softwood trees.
a white and green object hanging on a black wall in the shape of a knife
Woodworking Projects | Woodworking Session
two carved wooden spoons sitting next to each other on the cement floor in front of a door
PaleoArts' new 'Stag' Atlatl Good site forum, on how to make/use atlatl's.
a knife that is laying on the floor
inuit ulu knife | and here's this weeks 'fun with slate'! though, i should have waited ...