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Ink stripes...I was told that each ring represents a person who had passed that she cared immensely for. It's simple, meaningful, tasteful and beautiful. All the things I love in a tattoo.


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Tatuagem feita por <a href="http://instagram.com/dinonemec">@dinonemec</a>! Tattoo by <a href="http://instagram.com/dinonemec">@dinonemec</a>! Olha que chic gente, estamos recebendo tattoos de grandes artistas internacionais, o <a href="http://instagram.com/dinonemec">@dinonemec</a> é de Ohio nos Estados Unidos. <a href="http://instagram.com/dinonemec">@dinonemec</a> thank you for sharing your work with us ;)


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Moon phase temporary tattoo


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Geo《+ Lines》Arrows

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Ear Tattoo; black & white stripes


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Artist @findyoursmile
Marta Lipinski - Inkspiration World
tatuajes galaxia - Buscar con Google


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Faith in Tattoo Artists Restored
DIY fake tattoo- wear a tattoo that you want for a while to see if you'd really liked it.

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so simple and so meaningful.
It's the Libra Constellation. Maybe surround the Libra sign....
"My friend Megan’s tattoo! 'As long as one and one is two there could never be a father who loves his daughter more than I love you.' He’s been signing that on her birthday cards ever since she was really young. I think this is the most precious thing. " Actually such a meaningful and cute tattoo

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Coyote Star Thief This illustration is part of my "Animals Are Magic" series. It is based on a Navajo creation story of how the milky way was formed. Once, the Black God was carefully arranging the star in the sky, one by one. They had to be exactly precise. The trickster Coyote watched and was annoyed by his slow progress. After waiting a while, the Coyote took the bag with the remaining stars and hurled them into the sky together, creating The Milky Way. — This is a giclée print of my original

Alien // NM

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My Texas tattoo. Texas Forever. #texasforever


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I'm surprised how much i legitimately really want something like this♡


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Part of the Constellaion tattoos project by Sailor Raffy: the Aries.


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Old English Numbers Tattoo – Tattoo Icon


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andrealuis IG post Oct 9 2018 Sparkle Tattoo
R & K (love tattoo)
hand tattoos for women/ #14 Dotwork geometric armband tattoos

trustNO bitch

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Paw print
Artist @rodferod


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water color monarch butterfly tattoo - Google Search on my memorial sleeve
Monarch Butterfly ... No. 3 ... Original by KathyMortonStanion, $50.00


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Indian, Abayas, Pakistan, Kleding, Brunei, Desi, Mode Wanita, Lehenga, Bosch
a woman's arm with an arrow and other symbols on the back of it
22 Trending Libra Tattoo Design Ideas
a woman wearing gold ear piercings with small diamonds on the side of her ear
20+ Types of Ear Piercings: How To Choose - ORGANIC BEAUTY LOVER
two fingers with the words for ever tattooed on them
92 Matching Couple Tattoos With Meaning 2024 - Our Mindful Life
two hands with small tattoos on them
Ornamental palm tattoos by @jodieahnientattoo
a woman with her hands on her hips
#54 #tattoos - La Revue de Kenza
two fingers that have tattoos on them
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Gradient Arm Bands
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tattoo Tatoo, Arm Tattoo, Tattoo Arm