Secrets d'une galette des rois réussie + recette de la galette des rois frangipane noisettes et chocolat

Galette des Rois, Chocolat-Noisettes

Cinnamon Sweet Bread cinnamon sweet bread

Cinnamon Sweet Bread -read the comments on the dough used in this recipe before trying it. Perhaps use your own cinnamon bun dough recipe.

Homemade gum paste is better than premade in most cases because it is less expensive and creates a product that is easier to use.

Gum paste is similar to fondant in many ways. It is a pliable sugar dough that you can roll, mold and shape into virtually any figure you desire. easy gumpaste recipe, how to make gum paste recipe, gum paste flowers recipe, make gumpaste your self

Croissant - Best recipe ever.  Tested it last week, perfect croissants!  #baking #croissant

Croissant - Taste of Paris - Bruno Albouze - THE REAL DEAL This video is not only extremely informative but also oddly hilarious.


Six types of decorative pie crust techniques. Just in time to make pretty pies!