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Gallery - “e_co_llectiva” Urban Design Project / Athanasios Polyzoidis & Katerina Petsiou - 5

Image 5 of 10 from gallery of “e_co_llectiva” Urban Design Project / Athanasios Polyzoidis & Katerina Petsiou. vegetable plots in the interior of the building blocks

Sentimental wedding ideas: Give each guest a packet of seeds that reflect your wedding flowers.

Cute wedding favor idea: Watch our love grow flower seeds. Using natural wildflower seeds would make it extra special, easy to plant, and environmentally friendly. Total DIY idea as a party favor

Geçtiğimiz Haftanın Mutlaka İzlemeniz Gereken 10 Videosu!

We started of with the wrong foot in the kitchen back then. But as time goes by we became better. Our curry puff has always been the bomb digity. You with the filling and I the puff. Always complementing each other like the curry puff.