Istanbul mosques with calligraphy and letter Vav

The letter VAV, is symbolic of the number six & signifies physical space. it also means 'hook' and said to be the link between every Jew in their will to serve God, found in the core of every Jewish person's heart.

Türk Süsleme Sanatları<br /> <br /> Aydınlatma ve Yaldız( Tezhip )

Turkish Decorative Illumination and Gilding Artwork

Tezhib ve Minyatür - Kız Kulesi'nde Laleler, Hülya Aziz

Illumination and Miniature - Tulips in the Maiden Tower, St.

10968503_878667398839443_6363790269272341722_n.jpg (540×960)

10968503_878667398839443_6363790269272341722_n.jpg (540×960)


Turkish Art, Arabic Art, Islamic Art, Illumination Art, Islamic Patterns, Islamic Calligraphy, Arabesque, Indie, Grind

Arabesque, Islamic Patterns, Turkish Art, Beautiful Artwork, Islamic Art, Indian Art, Kaftan, Grounds, Bookmarks

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