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This is the best idea ever! As a kid I had 2 trampolines 1 at 11 and a new one at 14 because the wind always blew them in the ditch by our house. Well this would have been the best idea plus we wouldn't have to move it to mow.

Take to the skies on the Air Glider for some fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action. Hold onto the durable handle and prepare for lift off, as children spin around the stainless steel frame.

A playground favourite, the Mega Swing gives children the exhilaration of speed and movement as they swing together to get as high as they can.

Air Rider

Testing strength, balance, coordination and agility, children will love surfing through the air on the stainless steel Air Rider.

Aero Whirl

The rotating overhead wheel requires strength and coordination as you work together to create an adrenaline-pumping spinning action.

Aero Tilt Playground Equipment #speed #adrenaline

Similar to the Aero Whirl but with an exciting twist - requiring and improving upper body strength and encouraging timing and cooperation.


Kengo Kuma stacks wooden layers inside office and cafe pair Texture and strong directional lines are created and run through out the space